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Therapist Websites: Everything You Need to Know!
Episode 415th March 2021 • PsychBiz • Sarah Gershone and Howard Baumgarten
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As a therapist, should you have a website? If so, then what should go on it, how should you get one, and what pitfalls should you be sure to avoid?

On this episode of PsychBiz we answer all your questions about Therapist Websites, and give you some really practical suggestions about how to make your website shine!

You'll learn:

1) Why should you have a website?

2) What are the main elements you should include on your website and why?

3) Should you put pictures of your self on there or not? What if you're super uncomfortable with having your picture there?

4) What about the text on the website - what should it say?

5) A lot providers wonder whether they should put their rates on the site…Sarah and Howard share opinions about that.

6) What are some of the do’s and don’ts of a good therapist website?

And more!