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Slow Down and Reach Your Goals with Jadah Sellner
Episode 37231st May 2023 • Plan Simple with Mia Moran • Mia Moran
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“Don't put a timeline on your dreams. Put a timeline on your action.”

–Jadah Sellner

What if you slow down? What if you stop hustling? I’m so excited to talk with Jadah Sellner, author of She Builds, about slowing down, avoiding burnout, and still reaching your goals.

Jadah says one of her superpowers is being connected with what matters most in any given moment. This superpower helps her not feel overwhelmed or busy … even when there is a lot going on.

Another secret of staying center, calm and focused? A holistic support system. She includes peers or colleagues—people going through the same things as you, mentors or coaches—both for business and life, and people who can hold safe emotional space for you. Do you have a holistic support system?

We also talk about: 

  • embracing an anti-hustle mindset and the idea that burnout is not an option
  • the FEAR cycle (forcing, exhaustion, avoidance, rigidity)
  • putting a timeline on projects, but not dreams
  • honoring the season of your life and giving yourself permission to slow down
  • setting intentions for breaks and scheduling in the things you say matter
  • tune in to what is nourishing for your body and creating a self-care menu for yourself


Jadah Sellner is a best-selling author, business mentor, host of the Lead with Love® Podcast, and sought after international keynote and TEDx speaker. Jadah helps founders grow their businesses to the next level without sacrificing what matters most. Her work has been featured in: O: The Oprah Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CBS’s The Doctors TV, and on the cover of Woman’s World. Jadah loves taking bubble baths, playing board games, and dancing to Beyoncé. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and daughter.


Doable Changes from this episode:

  • NOTICE THE FEAR CYCLE. Sometimes before we make a change, we need to notice where we are. Pay attention to when you are in the FEAR cycle: forcing, exhausted, avoiding, or rigid. Get curious about what could change.
  • SCHEDULE 1 THING THAT MATTERS. Often times there are things we say matter — family game night, healthy meals, a break. Pick one thing, and schedule it. Put it in your calendar. If it’s a thing you want to happen again and again, like game night, schedule a month of it (or more). Hold that time for what you believe matters, before anyone else claims it.
  • MAKE A SELF-CARE MENU. What actually nourishes your body? Your mind? Your relationships? Make a list of activities that help different parts of you. Choose things that really nourish you, not things that you see on a generic self-care list. Make a menu for yourself. Remember, this is not a to-do list to get checked off, but something to help you when you are feeling depleted or ready to refresh. Choose what sounds good from your menu next time you take self-care time.





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