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Holistic Business Matters - Helen Harding EPISODE 67, 27th May 2021
How to Create a Buzz for Your Local Holistic Business
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How to Create a Buzz for Your Local Holistic Business

We’re slowly moving back to being able to work in person again although with restrictions. For some of us, the way we help our clients will never be the same, for others, they’ve eagerly awaited getting back to working in person again.

Working in person is accompanied by rules and regulations to navigate and you’ll need to step up your marketing efforts to bring clients back to your door.

This week I thought it would be great to look at how to build a buzz and so you stand out in your local area. Being visible will remind people you exist, which equals more potential clients coming to see you.

  • (01:10) Branding
  • (03:44) Your physical environment
  • (06:22) Ideas people want to share
  • (08:33) Build your local profile
  • (09:14) Sharable information
  • (10:56) Let everyone know

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