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When It All Comes Together and You Still Feel Doubts WPCP: 069
23rd August 2015 • FtheHUSTLE • Kim Doyal
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I had one of those moments today. When you realize that everything you've been working towards is all coming together. And not because something specific happened or even something 'BIG' happened. It's more like a series of small things that simply validate that you're on the right path and somehow, all of the sudden, you just know.  You've Got This. And then you wake up the next day and all those doubts, fears and frustrations. Again. This is what separates the hobbyists from the enterpreneurs. Do you have the strength and conviction to move through whatever you're feeling? Will you focus on the big picture or feed the fear? [tweet_box]"Will you focus on the big picture or feed the fear? The choice is yours." - Kim Doyal[/tweet_box] So You've Made a Decision Time to shake things up and move in a new direction. That's what I did this year. It's been both amazing and scary at the same time. And I feel this on a daily basis. I've talked a LOT about the mastermind I'm in over the last year (mainly because it has changed my life and forced me to look at things in a completely different way). One thing I see people doing over and over again in my mastermind is moving in the direction they're being called to. It's not just about what everyone else in the market is doing or what the latest guru is preaching about. They go with their gut, they implement and then they measure what's working. Novel idea, right? I wouldn't say I've half-assed my business, because I know I've worked really, really hard to get where I am today. BUT.. I also know that I am STILL playing it small. What do I mean by that? Let's look at a few things that need to be done in my business: (By the way, that list is not in any particular order. Just sayin.) One of the things I've tried to be very consistent with in my business is making sure that the first part of the day is spent on my work (in other words, no client work). This isn't because the client work isn't important, it's because I know myself well enough and the first part of the day is when I'm most creative, which is when I need to create content (or creat anything for that matter). Yet somehow that seems to have gone to hell in a handbasket these last couple of months. As I started writing this I realized why that's happened... and it's really not as big of a deal as I've made it out to be in my head. I don't know if I've officially mentioned this here or not but a lot of my energy is being put into podcasting. Not just my own podcast, but a new division of my company, INFLUENCE Podcasting. INFLUENCE Podcasting is a done for you service (right now, I have more plans for it). It's for the entrepreneur who has a successful business, wants to start a podcast (because of the value, leads and traffic it generates) but doesn't have the time. They simply record and we do everything else. I started this venture in February of this year and it's really taking off. We've been working on onboarding, branding, processes, marketing, all of it. And this was after we did a handful of case studies (for free mind you) to get everything set up. And when I say 'we' it really is a team effort. I have an amazing project manager, a couple of editors, a blog post writer, developers and designers. And that's been going on while keeping The WordPress Chick going. But something has to give. First let me say that it's not The WordPress Chick, so no worries there. In fact, I have big plans for this site and brand. I miss creating videos and content for this site (I haven't stopped, it's just less) and know there are a few things I could implement instantly to kick things up a notch. But I can't do that and everything else I'm doing. So what's the solution? I need to give a few things up. Which doesn't mean they stop altogether, it just means I stop doing them. One of those things are websites. Yep,