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Liz Arriens, Founder Coraline and Us in Conversation with Edx Education (UK)
Episode 5521st August 2022 • Play, Learn & Create with Edx Education • edxeducation
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Heather Welch Edx Education today will be in Conversation with Liz Arriens, founder Coraline and Us

Coraline and Us which is about their story with Coraline (their daughter diagnosed with Downs Syndrome at birth.

Today we are chatting with about her journey with Coraline, what is play for Coraline, raise awareness and support for caregivers and create an understanding.


(01:13) Liz introduces herself

(04:57) Coraline's surgery and the challenges it presented

(06:15) The Help On Offer

(10:23) The Upsides to COVID

(14:09) The Importance of Repetition in Therapy

(22:08) Juggling Commitments

(29:14) Advice from our Experiences

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