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Hormones Aren't Just for Sex — They Run The Show
Episode 174th June 2021 • Rebellious Wellness Over 50 • Gregory Anne Cox
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My guest today, Claire Snowdon Darling, is a specialist in menopause and hormonal imbalances, adrenal issues and chronic fatigue and emotional issues such as anxiety and the connection between them all.

She is the visionary founder and senior practitioner at Balanced Wellness, the UK’s leading Alternative Health Experts, and The College of Functional Wellness, a training School offering accredited training programmes in a new and exciting approach to health. At its core it focuses on the complex interplay between hormone systems and the root cause of modern health conditions.

All of this came out of her battle to find the cause of her sudden, very early menopause, endless fatigue, depression, weight gain—all of this before she turned 40! And started when she almost died in childbirth with her daughter.

Claire got into energy healing before it was cool in the UK. When she was a teenager she dabbled in crystals, took one of the first Reiki classes offered, and thought about a career in osteopathy. But the world of holistic health found her once again with the trauma that followed bringing her daughter in.

Many specialists tried and failed to diagnose Claire’s fatigue, sleeplessness, weight gain but western medicine had nothing for her. Anyone else feel western medicine has nothing for you?

She’s been doing everything right—or so she thought—in the diet and exercise categories. She researched every bit of science she could find for answers. 

She trained in 16 modalities and finally knew she had to create her own model for treatment which she did with her partner. They call it the Triangle of Hormonal Health. And with that they opened the wellness center.

I asked Claire if I was overstating the importance of hormones in my course, The Weight Loss Express, when I say “hormones run every show.”

“I wish? No, you're not” she laughed.

We talked about all of the hormone pathways, organs, and disrupters. And all of the ways we get out of whack. The key players? Food, Movement, Stress, Sleep.

Did you know that “But if we're stressed, we actually have a hormone response that will, for example, shorten and tighten one leg, which is why a lot of us have pelvic instability.”

Other topics: Food sensitivities training, kinesiology, 

Bioidentical hormone replacement, what kind, when, for what symptoms

Histamine one more thing to deal with at peri-menopause and beyond. 


The importance of progesterone

Why BHRT is not just for peri-menopause symptoms. Estrogen is cardio, brain, and bone protective and bioidentical hormones are safe.

What works for dry nether regions…and what doesn’t.

Claire works one on one with people all over the world. Learn more here.

Things we talked about:

Balanced Wellness, Claire’s wellness center

If you want to see what your symptoms tell her, she has a Symptom Assessor. This could be your first step to wellness. Don’t worry, it’s free.


Hidden Hormone Disruptors that hinder your weight loss



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