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Episode 102: Birthright - Interview with Timothy Alberino Part 1
Episode 10222nd August 2022 • Bible Mysteries • Scott Mitchell
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Show Notes:

My Questions for Timothy:

  1. You refer to the angelic beings as the Elder Race, and they are, in fact, our elder brethren. You describe them as extraterrestrial in every sense of the word. Why do you think it is that Christianity at large finds this concept hard to accept, and what impact does anthropocentric and Christoplatonic thinking have on accepting this?
  2. You state that the terrestrial realm is the dominion of the human race, but there are other realms more ancient than the earth which are governed by the lords of the Elder Race. Are you referring only to a spiritual dimension or to other planets in the known universe?
  3. You point out the Lord of Hosts is the Lord of Armies. Bible evidence and even the natural universe seem to indicate an ages old conflict of war and rebellion between battling factions of the Elder Race. Do you think the planets of our solar system were once habitable realms that were destroyed in the ensuing chaos?
  4. I’m fascinated by your view on the story of the prodigal son being a type of the reunification of the Sons of Adam with the Elder Race. How did you come to see the older brother in the story as a picture of the angelic beings faithful to the Father?
  5. You refer to Genesis 3:15 as the Dragon Slayer Prophecy, and you correlate that to prophecies in Isaiah 26-27 and Revelation 12. You mention the Dragon “sowing the seed of Edom in the womb of Rebekah.” Can you explain how this came to be and the significance of Esau and Edom in the end times?
  6. What do you reference as evidence to imply Rachab was perhaps a planet between Jupiter and Mars that was destroyed to become the Asteroid Belt? Was this perhaps a headquarters of the dragon’s rebellious factions?
  7. How did you come to understand that there are other created sentient beings such as Grays and Insectoids that are conducting the abduction and genetic experiments to create hybrid humans? 
  8. Why would these be beings created by God and not, perhaps, host bodies genetically manufactured by the dragon and his angels to house the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim?
  9. Give our audience the likely scenario of the coming “UFO Invasion” that the dragon will use to deceive the world into taking the Mark of the Beast?
  10. Do you believe the Mark will be a gene altering mechanism to cause humanity to “evolve” into the Post Human/Transhuman hybrids of the dragon’s army?
  11. What connection do you believe the Satanic Global Elite (WEF, AI, UN, WHO, other human proxies) have in knowing and understanding the UFO agenda to deceive?
  12. Is it possible that AI, current depopulation attempts, the Great Reset are all being used to gain control of the majority of the earth’s property in order to surrender the title to the Seed of the Serpent?

Takeaway: Satan is vying to take ownership of the earth, hence dominion, by genetic manipulation and a post-human army of modified beings that will be part human/part other. The powers that be are in collusion with Satan and his angels to knowingly participate in this deception! Never fear; for the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to claim the legal and rightful title of planet earth, where He will reign as King of Kings!




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