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Planning, Executing, and Selling Out Live Events
Episode 47614th November 2023 • Business Lunch • Roland Frasier
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In this episode of the Business Lunch Podcast, Roland and Ryan dive into their experience planning and executing live business events. 

They discuss different event types and purposes, and share lessons learned around marketing, celebrity involvement, testing event descriptions, and more. Listeners will gain insights into considerations like timing of promotions, ensuring events enable intended sales goals, and navigating challenges like hotel contracts and room blocks. 

Roland and Ryan also candidly discuss things that didn't go according to plan at past events and how they've applied learnings.

Entrepreneurs and marketers will walk away with best practices for optimizing events to drive attendance, engagement, and results! 


"I freaking hate events. I hate events, there's so much work, there's so much stress leading up to it."

"You underestimate how difficult it is to get people to, to buy a ticket, buy, you know, buy tickets event, buy a plane ticket, get hotel space, and then show up. It's a big ask, it really is a big ask."

"One nice thing, a well known speaker, a celebrity time person is going to cost you a good bit of money, but what they buy you is scroll stopping."


00:03: Events

03:31: Profitability

09:32: Planning & Marketing

12:27: Celebrity Involvement

17:16: Improving Sales

20:03: Strategies

25:29: Converting Sales


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