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Boldly and Courageously Transforming Mental Wellness with Jess Ward
Episode 6929th May 2024 • The Fire Inside Her; Self Care for Navigating Change • Diane Schroeder
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In this riveting episode of The Fire Inside Her host Diane Schroeder sits down with Jess Ward, a trailblazer in firefighter mental health. Jess shares her compelling journey from a young volunteer to a transformative force in the fire service. Together, they explore the importance of authenticity, mental fitness, and the necessity of breaking free from bureaucratic constraints to spark creativity and personal growth. Jess also unveils her ambitious new venture, a wellness portal designed to foster preventative care for firefighters. Packed with insights on resilience, mental health, and personal transformation, this episode is a must-listen for anyone passionate about mental wellness and innovative approaches to fire service culture. Tune in to discover how Jess's visionary work is set to revolutionize firefighter support systems.

Jess Ward is the CEO of Athinka and a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner. Having served 8 years in fire/EMS, Jess now trains self-command to the fire industry to eliminate firefighter suicides by 2026. She also holds a BSc in anthropology from the University of Toronto. A traveler at heart, Jess has volunteered on every continent.

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