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Hulm - Hulm Productions EPISODE 8, 18th May 2021
Episode Eight - Theocracies...Yeah
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Episode Eight - Theocracies...Yeah

The wheel of time turns, bringing all characters closer to their fates...and Mey learns a few truths she isn't sure how to deal with

Creator fluff/Zoe Singleton - Twitter @questoflegend

Creator sinfuego/Uighur Abdulla - Twitter @sinfuego7

Editor Cole Burkhardt - Twitter @kingcole

Music Composer Michal Suchanek - Twitter @MichalSuchanek8


Meydinyƶr Marie Anello - Twitter: @MarieAnello

Brant Price Everett - Twitter: @PriceEverett, Instagram: @peverett96

Aule Sivan Raz - Twitter: @RazSivan, Instagram: @razsiv

Adramas - Matti Mali - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/HedonisticActor

Edilvas - Nina Nikolic - Website: https://voicesofnina.com/, Twitter: @VoicesOfNina, Instagram: @voicesofnina

Priest Jamie Iacono - Twitter: @VocalKaos

Lie Detector Samuel Loaiza - Twitter @samuel_loaiza_

Mysterious Voice - ???