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61. 5 Ways Schools Can Create a Welcoming Environment for ELL Families with Guest Janna Adams
Episode 6110th February 2023 • Equipping ELLs • Beth Vaucher, ELL, ESL Teachers
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We know how important it is for us to make our new ELLs feel welcome and comfortable but how can we help their families feel supported? There can be so much confusion for families as they are adjusting to living in a new country, learning a new school system, and understanding different offerings and options that are available. Our guest, Janna Adams, is sharing ways that we can help our ELL families overcome some of these hindrances.

In today’s episode, we are chatting with Janna about some things she has implemented that have made a huge impact on getting ELL families more involved in school and the community. She is sharing her teaching experience and how she became an ESL teacher, why it is so important to engage ELL families in the school setting, ways ESL teachers can help connect these families to the school and community, and the difference she has seen with engagement after implementing these things.

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