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Help me, Sir Gerald Birkenstock!
Episode 55th August 2021 • Dial M for Magic • Jordan Fugitt & Henry Rogland
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The gang has realized that their apartments have been searched, and with a little help find out The Abbey officials are on their way to The Blue Leaf Apartments. Wherever The Abbey is, trouble is sure to follow. The chase is on! The gang attempts to flee the apartments in order to make their way back to Treble at Beelzebutts. Will they get away from The Abbey and make it back in time to help Ernest? Tune in to find out!

The gang hides out in Beelzebutts in order to get Ernest the help he needs, and to collect themselves. They formulate a plan to get back to the apartment to get some things but more importantly to get Red some pants. Is it safe to go back though? Found out on today's episode!

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Irritated Kraken minis:


Herman Cranberry-Nathan Pearce @Rez_Dev_Nate

Red-Dan Rogland @DanRogland

Katrina "Kitty" Bradley-Bobbi Kupfner @moontsunami

Treble-Jordan Fugitt @fugitt_jordan

Dungeon Master-Henry Rogland @HenryRogland

Artwork Done by: Ashley Meissner-Teran @Ashanimus

Music Done by: Alex Hills

Special Thanks to Eric and Debbie Fugitt