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Episode 63 - Wendy Melrose - From Setback to Success: A Children's Author Story
Episode 631st March 2024 • Bringing Education Home • Vibrant Family Education
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Episode 63 - Wendy Melrose - From Setback to Success: A Children's Author Story

Wendy Melrose

Guest Bio: Introducing Soel Love, the incredible children's and teen book author hailing from St. Louis, MO! Her writing journey, sparked in her teenage years, faced a setback when a boy's comment led her to discard her poems at SIU-Carbondale. However, in January 2023, a magical moment during prayer and worship reignited her passion.

In 2023, Soel Love emerged as a triple threat—author, illustrator, and publisher. She crafted enchanting stories like "Ben's Great Escape," "Ben's Big Move," and co-authored the delightful "Peanut Butter and Jesus," showcasing an unprecedented surge in creativity.

Fast forward to 2024, brace yourselves for more excitement! Soel Love is set to launch the STRONG GIRL book series, with the first book, "YOU ARE LOVED," gracing shelves in January. Additionally, she's releasing "Dr. Bones Healthy Safari," a co-authored and illustrated book poised to captivate readers in February.

Beyond her remarkable writing journey, Soel Love is a superhero mom to two wonderful kids and has joyfully embraced the role of a wife for five fantastic years. Family time reigns supreme for her, irrespective of life's whirlwinds or calm breezes. Her unwavering commitment to the Lord and her family always takes precedence.

Soel Love's story extends beyond books; it's a testament to resilience, rediscovery, and the sheer joy of crafting tales that inspire and bring joy to children and teens everywhere. Prepare to embark on magical adventures with Soel Love and her enchanting characters!

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