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Why The Manager Mindset Matters
Episode 68th April 2024 • The F Word at Work • Fertility Matters at Work
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In this episode, we are joined by Wayne Clark - the visionary force behind the Global Growth Institute (GGI), headquartered in the UK and Netherlands. Natalie reached out to Wayne, after hearing him speak about his book 'How to become a World Class manager' on another podcast and knew he would be the perfect person to discuss how organisations can really tap into the manager mindset when it comes to getting them to appreciate the importance of the fertility conversation at work. Wayne has an amazing track record and has been recognised for 4 years by HR Magazine as one of the top 25 “Most Influential Thinkersworking and to date he has worked with more than 700 CEOs/boards and thousands of managers in over 30 countries.

What we discussed:

  • Wayne shares the extensive research his organisation conducted to identify key traits of a world-class manager.
  • Twelve crucial focus areas for managers
  • Building strong relationships is crucial for effective communication between managers and team members.
  • The importance of creating space and time for meaningful conversations and relationship building is emphasized.
  • Steve Jobs' perspective on leadership and vision creation is shared, emphasizing the importance of clear communication.
  • Challenges in conveying the context and vision from senior leadership to frontline managers are discussed.
  • The frustration with unproductive meetings and the need for more effective communication tools is highlighted.
  • Suggestions for utilizing different communication methods beyond traditional meetings are discussed.
  • Utilizing webinars and lived experiences to enhance learning and empathy among managers is explored.
  • High-performing manager identification and knowledge-sharing practices are discussed as effective learning strategies.
  • Encouraging managers to understand the backstory of team members and build empathy through storytelling exercises.
  • The value of building relationships through understanding and empathy is emphasized for effective management.
  • Challenges with time management and the importance of flexibility in scheduling regular one-to-one meetings are discussed.
  • The significance of spending time consciously understanding team dynamics and organizational needs is highlighted for effective management.

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