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101 The Greatest Storytelling Guide This Side of Saturn
8th October 2015 • Rough Draft • Rainmaker.FM
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Marketers are agog over stories. For good reason …

A story lifts a person out of her ordinary world … and stories take her on a journey that ultimately leads to a vision of herself as a better version of herself.

This is marketing that educates your audience through the storytelling arc.

And one way to think about this process is episodic education. We are taking a page out of the playbook of cable television, motion pictures, commercials, radio, and animation.

But telling a good story is no easy matter. You need to know the elements that make up a great story. Which is why we marketers tend to lean on templates to tell those stories.

And one such template that we marketers are in love with is “The Hero s Journey.”

But what is the hero s journey? And who created it? And why should we care?

Well, in this 71-minute episode you’ll discover the answers to those questions, plus:

  • Whether storytelling has a future in a post-apocalyptic world
  • The best marketing story ever told
  • The number one reason marketers need to tell stories
  • The best framework to use when telling a story
  • 4 cute facts about Joseph Campbell just about anyone will appreciate
  • What the leading Campbell scholar thinks of The Hero’s Journey (hint: it’s tangentially related to LSD)
  • The 5 things every great marketing story needs
  • And what great rappers have in common with great stories

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