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How Tragedies in Life Can Affect the Art World with Scott Power
Episode 124th January 2022 • Art World Horror Stories • Crewest Studio
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Welcome to the very first episode of Art World Horror Stories, the scariest show in the art world! We kick off this series with a personal horror story from our host, Scott Power. For many years, Scott has dreamed of painting a commercial airplane. This lofty goal was finally attainable when he met Pippa, who worked for Virgin Atlantic at an event. From strategically pitching his idea throughout the company to setting up a global network of players who would help bring this dream to fruition, Scott and his team had finally got to the stage where they would pitch the project to Sir Richard Branson himself. But before this final hurdle could be cleared, tragedy struck. Lives were lost, and in the aftermath, all projects were placed on hold. Tune in today to find out how Scott's dream faded into nothing (despite his best efforts and all the planning he and the team had done), and why this story is no different from many others he has heard. Join us as we explore how life can upset even the best-laid plans and the impacts this can have in the art world!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What you can expect to hear in Art World Horror Stories. 
  • A personal horror story from Scott and how it impacted his dreams of painting a jet. 
  • How Scott nearly reached Sir Richard Branson!
  • The nitty-gritty of Scott's plan around painting a jet using multiple artists across the globe. 
  • The excitement of clearing the political and bureaucratic hurdles and almost reaching the home stretch!
  • Find out the tragic event that led to the end of Scott’s plan. 
  • Why Scott chose to share this story specifically.  

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