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Managing lower urinary tract symptoms in primary care
Episode 4231st August 2021 • BJGP Interviews • The British Journal of General Practice
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In this episode we speak to Professor Adrian Edwards who is Professor of General Practice and Director of PRIME Centre Wales and Director of Wales Covid-19 Evidence Centre at Cardiff University.

Paper: Managing lower urinary tract symptoms in primary care: qualitative study of GPs’ and patients’ experiences

Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) in males can usually be treated effectively in primary care; however, referrals to urology services are increasing. This study explores in detail the experiences of GPs and patients in relation to the management of LUTS in primary care. Difficulty establishing causes and differentiating symptoms were identified as key challenges; therefore, treatment was often a process of trial and error, and no patient’s symptoms were completely resolved. A diagnostic tool for use by GPs, together with greater exploration of non-pharmacological treatment approaches, could support effective management of LUTS in primary care settings.

This study aimed to explore GPs’ experiences of diagnosing and managing LUTS, together with patients’ experiences of and preferences for treatment of LUTS in primary care. Tell us a little more about the background to the

Telephone interviews were conducted with GPs and patients from GP practices involved in the PriMUS (Primary care Management of lower Urinary tract Symptoms in men: development and validation of a diagnostic and clinical decision support tool) study16 across three UK regions: Newcastle upon Tyne, Bristol, and South Wales. PriMUS is a prospective diagnostic accuracy study aimed at developing a decision tool to help GPs more accurately diagnose and manage LUTS in males.



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