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50. Renecia Jennifer: "The Chosen RISING"
8th February 2022 • Once Upon A Time...In Adopteeland • Jennifer Dyan Ghoston
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Renecia Jennifer is a provocative, creative storyteller at heart. Once sharing her story became her assignment, Renecia gave breath to a vision to bring those revelations to life through the arts.

Renecia is a late-discovery adoptee who was raised by same-race parents. At the age of 22, her parents had the courage to share what she already knew in her core. It’s often said, adoption doesn’t guarantee a better life but a different life. Adoption is never perfect; brokenness is at its core, but she believes beauty can be exchanged for ashes.

Renecia’s warm southern tones and insightful expression can be found on Instagram (at) The Chosen RISING, a redemptive space to share heroic stories and find healing in faith and community.

The Chosen RISING gives permission to feel and an invitation to heal. The movement is about identity, breakthrough and restoration. It’s the sight and sound of the adult adoptee.

Music by Corey Quinn