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Stars, Stones, and Stories - Ra Ma EPISODE 14, 6th November 2020
Deprogramming the Matrix

Deprogramming the Matrix

This episode explores the key features of the current cosmic weather including Solar Samhain, Ceres’s movement into Pisces, Mercury shifting back into Scorpio, the 11:11 portal, the third marriage of Jupiter, Pallas Athene, and Pluto, Mars moving direct and the significance of the Scorpio New Moon. We celebrate Juno in Scorpio and the role she is playing in this Samhain portal. As we move forward into the Great Conjunction, an essential key to deprogramming the matrix is to fully embody the knowingness that you are right on time. A guided meditation crafts sacred space for these times.


the current Astrology 10:39

Juno in Scorpio 42:08

Guided Meditation 63:29

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