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The Kundalini Chronicles - Scott Bryant-Comstock 22nd November 2020
The Kundalini Chronicles – Trailer
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The Kundalini Chronicles – Trailer

Scott Bryant-Comstock shares his Kundalini Awakening experience through The Kundalini Chronicles podcast. The experience dramatically changed his life for the better and put him in touch with the universe like never before. One of the outcomes of his awakening is he now does spontaneous writing of poetry. In each poem, there's always a nugget of wisdom that we can all learn from and information that we can use in our journey to self-improvement and self-discovery. 

What You'll Learn

  • The profound meaning of Kundalini Awakening based on Scott's first-hand experience.
  • Wisdom and information from Scott's spontaneous writing of poetry.
  • Practical tips that you can use in your journey to self-discovery and self-development. 
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

“My mission in life is really to be of service to others, to help them in their quest to become the better human that they want to be.” - Scott Bryant-Comstock

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