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Cybersecurity Alert! Microsoft Breach, GitHub Hijack, & Ransomware Hits St. Cloud!
27th March 2024 • The Daily Threat • QIT Solutions
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Check out the latest episode of The Daily Threat for a deep dive into the biggest cybersecurity stories of the day! We’re covering:

1️⃣ "Key Lesson from Microsoft’s Password Reset Attack" - Learn how attackers exploited Azure weaknesses: #Microsoft #Azure #Cybersecurity

2️⃣ "Hackers Hijack GitHub Accounts in Supply Chain Attack" - Discover how weak passwords led to this supply chain breach: #GitHub #SupplyChain #PasswordSecurity

3️⃣ "St. Cloud Hit with Ransomware, Florida String" - Explore the impact of ransomware on public services: #Ransomware #StCloud #CyberAttack

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