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How to Talk to a Strong, Independent Woman
Episode 14310th April 2024 • Breaking Chains • Christine Jewell
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In today’s episode, I am unpacking how to effectively communicate with a fiercely independent woman!  I know because I was one for so many years and to this day I am still a woman on fire for my calling. I'll share personal experience of being a strong-willed, highly driven female and drop some insights on how to navigate communication with this type of personality. Note: while we are talking about women today - much of this conversation can apply to anyone in our lives who seems to be hard to reach, highly opinionated and not receptive to feedback much of the time.

I will share what’s often hiding behind this ‘persona’ and how to meet her (or anyone who operates from this place) in a way that meets them where they are at while also influencing the conversation to move in a new - more aligned way for both of you.

We are talking about what NOT to do as well as what to do instead AND I am giving you a handful of powerful language that shifts the atmosphere and gets you two moving in the same direction, more connected and willing to work together.

Key Takeaways:

  • Establishing a Safe Space: How to build rapport, lay the groundwork for productive communication + foster a sense of security.
  • Checking Your State! Energy is everything. Before engaging in dialogue, ensure you approach with a calm, grounded demeanor. Your energy sets the tone for the entire interaction! Mastering this is a ninja skill!
  • How to Lead and What Leadership is not!
  • Curiosity: Replacing judgment with genuine curiosity. By seeking to understand rather than dictate, you open the door to authentic connection and mutual respect.
  • Practicing Active Listening: Resist the urge to offer unsolicited advice. Instead, focus on truly hearing the other person's perspective and validating their emotions.

So much more GOLD! This is a must listen if you want to foster greater communication both inside your home and your team environments where there are many strong willed personalities and agendas at play.

By tuning in, you'll not only enhance your leadership acumen but also deepen your relationships and develop a culture of greater trust and understanding.

Here’s to learning to TALK + LEAD Different in a world where everyone is competing for attention, desperately longing to be heard.

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