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New Age Leader Redefines Advocacy in the Midst of a Pandemic
Episode 124th April 2020 • The Optimistic Advocate • Scott Bryant-Comstock
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Martin Rafferty is the CEO and founder of the Youth Era. Under his innovative leadership, Youth Era has established services across the nation. He believes that one of the Youth Era's greatest strengths is the ability to give youth opportunities necessary for a successful transition into adulthood.

Martin currently sits on the national board of CAFETY and’s youth board. In 2010, Martin won the Mental Health Award of Excellence from AMH and the OCHH Ma Curtis Award. Now, he continues to work towards improving services and systems that support positive youth development.

In this episode, we delve into the endeavor of this new age advocate, Martin Rafferty, and his organization in this time of pandemic. Their work is solely focused on working with young adults and integrating with mental Youth Mental Health, youth foster care, youth homeless, and runaway Youth Services. They utilize cutting-edge technology to reach young adults and provide the support they need.

What You'll Learn

  • The issues and challenges faced by young people today.
  • The programs and services offered by the Youth Era organization across the nations.
  • Practical tips for young adults in looking after their mental health in the midst of a pandemic.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote

Stop focusing on the system and start focusing on the youth.” - Martin Rafferty

For More Information: 

Martin Rafferty

CEO and Founder

Youth Era 




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