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The Power Of Appreciation When Reflecting On 2022
Episode 28727th December 2022 • The Grief Code • Ian Hawkins
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Episode Summary

In this episode, Ian encourages you to reflect on the year that has passed and be grateful for the many positive experiences and life lessons you have had.

  • Understanding and appreciating the factors that have contributed to your current sense of accomplishment by examining your past actions and choices.
  • Learn how recording your thoughts and actions will help you overcome obstacles.
  • Understanding your own worth can lead to new insights and greater success in both your personal life and your professional endeavours.

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Ian Hawkins is the Founder and Host of The Grief Code. Dealing with grief firsthand with the passing of his father back in 2005 planted the seed in Ian to discover what personal freedom and legacy truly are. This experience was the start of his journey to healing the unresolved and unknown grief that was negatively impacting every area of his life. Leaning into his own intuition led him to leave corporate and follow his purpose of creating connections for himself and others. 

The Grief Code is a divinely guided process that enables every living person to uncover their unresolved and unknown grief and dramatically change their lives and the lives of those they love. Thousands of people have now moved from loss to light following this exact process. 

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Are you ready, ready to release internal pain to find confidence, clarity and direction for your future, to live a life of meaning, fulfillment and contribution to trust your intuition again, but something's been holding you back, you've come to the right place. Welcome. I'm a Ian Hawkins, the host and founder of The Grief Code podcast. Together, let's heal your unresolved or unknown grief by unlocking your grief code. As you tune into each episode, you will receive insight into your own grief, how to eliminate it and what to do next. Before we start by one request, if any new insights or awareness land with you during this episode, please send me an email at info at the Ian Hawkins And let me know what you found. I know the power of this word, I love to hear the impact these conversations have. Okay, let's get into it.

So in the previous episode, I talked about the importance of reviewing your year added a key ingredient to that. So for the best bits of this year gone, it's adding appreciation. Think about the word appreciation. It's the word of expansion. It's a word of increase, taking the time to show appreciation for anything that was good. And appreciation for the lessons, maybe some of the things that weren't so good. So taking the time to look through after you've done your review, and show genuine appreciation and continue to do so for the next week or two, as long as you need to start feeling the momentum of that. Because I know for me, I get to the end of a week, back in my corporate days when I wasn't doing any of this stuff. Get into the waiting game. Man, I've wasted another week. At journaling. Being that I see clearly. But what I've written down from the week, each day was how much better the week had been than I thought. Now, if you do this at the year at a whole year level, and you show that self appreciation for the commitment you gave to yourself for what you were able to achieve, no matter how small that energy, like I said will allow increase. It will help you to increase it'll help you to increase in so many different areas. Increase results increase in exposure came to mind, if that's where you're up to with your business, increase in bottom line. And ultimately just come back to personally an increase in how you feel. If you focus on just the things that went bad, and you bring more of that on, but the more of this sense of appreciation, it's like next level up from gratitude. Their gratitude gratitudes important words important and you may have heard me say before, it's almost like a energy of thank goodness, we've got to this point. appreciation is wow. I'm so happy with where I'm at now where can we take it so take the time right statements of appreciation if it's helpful. Say it out loud in an affirmation or way. So I'm so appreciative for keep reminding yourself of it. Like I said, as long as it takes until you can really have that feeling as a knowing of just how well you went this year of just how appreciative how thankful how fulfilled you've been from the good particularly. And the lessons, maybe the things that weren't so good and what you got out of them. What other people in your world got out of them. of you are fearing for different important people in your life. But actually, it turns out that one of the most challenging part of the year was actually the biggest blessing. It's often the case. Some may say always the case. Enjoy this exercise. It's it's one that I know does bring so many good feels from it. And so much momentum and and also, interestingly, allow space for more opportunity's enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Grief Code podcast. Thank you so much for listening. Please share it with a friend or family member that you know would benefit from hearing it too. If you are truly ready to heal your unresolved or unknown grief, let's chat. Email me at info at Ian Hawkins You can also stay connected with me by joining the Grief Code community at Ian Hawkins forward slash The Grief Code and remember, so that I can help even more people to heal. Please subscribe and leave a review on your favorite podcast platform




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