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“The Life and Death of August Corcoran” by Ari Yena (part 2 of 2)
14th January 2022 • The Voice of Dog • Khaki and friends.
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Lance never thought it possible to care too much– before he found the note that changed everything he thought he knew about August Corcoran.

Today’s story is the second and final part of “The Life and Death of August Corcoran” by Ari Yena, who is making their debut on The Voice of Dog. You can find more of their work on their Patreon, or follow them on Twitter for more updates.

Last time, Lance Dyer searched for answers in the apartment of August Corcoran, learning what he could about what the ermine might have been like in his life. An old letter may just be the most promising clue so far…

Read for you by Khaki, your faithful fireside companion.

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