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Smart Toilets, Preserving Pumpkins, Deck Considerations, and a Universal Socket Mini-Review!
Episode 2801st October 2022 • The RepcoLite Home Improvement Show • Dan Hansen & Hailey Johnson
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On Today's Episode

We cover a wide range of topics! We all know technology has rapidly advanced over the last 10 years . . . but is every advancement REALLY an advancement? Also, if you are getting ready to snag some pumpkins for carving or for your outdoor fall decorating, we've got some tips to keep them looking great longer.

Another question that comes up this time of year involves our decks: is there still time to stain them before we head into winter? Is there any reason to consider that project now? We'll discuss it with painting professional Dean Veltman. And finally, we'll focus on what seems like a silly, throw-away-tool. But could there be some value to it?

Smart Toilets [00:00 - 8:05]

What will they think of next? Dan and Hailey discuss all that a smart toilet can offer. 

How to Preserve your Carved or Uncarved Pumpkin [8:06 - 19:00]

The first weekend in October Hailey always rushes out to get pumpkins so she can start decorating for fall and she almost always regrets it. Determined to make this year's pumpkins last longer, Hailey has found the best ways to preserve both carved and uncarved pumpkins.

Deck Considerations [19:00 - 35:20]

Dan and Hailey are Joined by Painter, Dean Veltman to discuss common pitfalls when staining a deck, realistic expectations for deck stains plus best practices for staining your deck during the fall.

Universal Socket Mini-Review [35:20 - 39:29]

It may sound like a silly tool to add to the collection but in a pinch the universal socket can be a life saver!