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The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison - The Membership Guys 26th February 2019
Should You Drip-feed Your Membership Content?
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Should You Drip-feed Your Membership Content?

If you’ve spent much time looking at online courses or membership sites and their associated plugins and software, then you are probably already familiar with the terms ‘drip feeding’ and ‘content dripping’.

Drip feeding is essentially time-releasing your content so that it isn’t all available to someone immediately after they sign up to your site. But unlike simply providing ongoing content (where new content is released into the general membership regularly), your content is released on a set schedule based, usually, on when the member signed up.

While this can be a great way to stagger content, prolong subscriptions and avoid 'hit and run' members; there are some downsides to consider.

In this episode, I discuss the pros and cons of drip-feeding your membership content.