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Misplaced Values: The Inequities Within the Fight For Equality
Episode 54th December 2020 • Misplaced Life • Ginger Ramsey
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We are all conditioned to rank, rate or categorize each other - quite simply, it's part of our human nature. Or is it? Maybe it is, but why? In this episode, we talk about the prejudices that exist within the fight for equality, and how our "human nature" plays a role. We talk about the origins of this conditioning of "status" and "hierarchy" as it pertains to each other. Throughout our history, there has always been manipulation in so much messaging in man's attempts to exert power over each other.

We also talk about how much the movement is really moving, and how much more it could move by harnessing the energy of everyone's quest for equality. Just like the ladder when you are learning the multiplication tables in elementary school - everyone wants to get to top at 144 (12 x 12) - listen in - it will all makes sense :)

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