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Yolanda Surjan from RadVet
Episode 1330th July 2019 • Welcome to Day One • Welcome to Day One
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Today you’re going to hear the story of Yolanda Surjan from RadVet.
Dr Yolanda Surjan is a senior lecturer of Radiation Therapy at the University of Newcastle, she has a bachelor degree in Medical Radiation Technology, a graduate certificate in health promotion, a masters in health science education and a PhD. She has worked in Europe and North America and she has a total of 5 teaching awards and was awarded CSIRO’s Breakout Female Scientist of 2017 and is the founder of RadVet.
RadVet has gone through CSIRO’s ON Accelerate program and is helping to treat cancer in animals through Yolanda’s research, we will talk about all of that and so much more, but for now, let’s go back to day one where this story begins…