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83. Raising Luminaries: Raising Kids in an Entrepreneurial Family
Episode 8321st April 2022 • Luminary Leadership Podcast • Elizabeth Hartke
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Parenthood is hard. 

As parents, we're presented with continual and constant challenges and stressors. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart. Simply providing the basics for your kids can feel all encompassing some days, requiring us to give it our all. 

As entrepreneurs we have chosen a different path than mainstream society and the fact of the matter is - we have made this choice, not just for ourselves, but also for our families by default. Maybe you didn’t plan it that way. Maybe you thought (like most of us do) that entrepreneurship will be your own little lane that you can work in, and then you’ll have a separate lane as a parent. But the truth is that those two worlds cross because you are the common thread in both, and you are in both all day every day.

If we want to pass the best of this world onto our kids, no matter what direction they choose, we're going to have to do some extra work, because they are not going to get it from society, from the school system, from what they see on social media, and from the garbage content that's being put out and directed at our kids. The good news is that I do not believe that the answer is to just work harder and push harder, I believe that the answer is in the small things, the simple tweaks that we can make and the simple things that we do each and every day that are going to result in empowering our children to discover their own creativity, capacity , influence and power. 

Preparing them for the work they will ultimately choose might just be our life's most important work. So, today's episode is all about raising kids in an entrepreneurial family. It is a different path. It's one with so much possibility and so much goodness, but it has its own set of challenges that we have to learn how to face. Today, we're talking all about what it means to raise kids in an entrepreneurial family and how you can make the absolute most of this incredible gift that you're giving them.

Let’s raise them up right!







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