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Underdog Empowerment, From Prison to Prosperity with Zachary Babcock
13th November 2019 • Do Well & Do Good • Dorothy Illson
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This week’s guest is Zachary Babcock. He has an amazing story of redemption, having spent five years in prison before starting Underdog Empowerment and building a successful personal brand. Zachary helps entrepreneurs grow and monetize top-shelf passive income businesses and develop their own brands. 

Zachary’s podcast, Underdog Empowerment, is an Apple top-rated show. He has interviewed over 100 world-class entrepreneurs such as Andy Frisella, Grant Cardone, and Neil Patel. Zachary speaks all over the world, bringing his unique experience and perspective to inspire audiences from all areas of life. 

In this episode we cover the following topics with Zachary:

  • [2:20] Zachary’s childhood and background
  • [5:12] The difficulty of finding a job with a prison record
  • [10:12] Zachary’s experience with network marketing
  • [12:01] Underdog Empowerment and going all in on podcasting
  • [14:24] Being an underdog can be an advantage
  • [17:31] How to build confidence when you feel like an underdog
  • [21:20] Why podcasting is a powerful tool for building a business
  • [28:03] Zachary’s advice for underdogs who are just starting out on their journey

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