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The Practical Protection Podcast - Kathryn Knowles EPISODE 5, 2nd April 2020
Mike Adams OBE talks about Breaking Barriers
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Mike Adams OBE talks about Breaking Barriers

Hi Everyone!

We are absolutely thrilled this week to be joined by our first guest, Mike Adams OBE. Mike is an incredible speaker and advocate for improving access to products and services, for people with disabilities.

Mike's organisation Purple have gained significant attention in recent years with Purple Tuesday, a day where all organisations are asked to truly think about how they can improve access to their offerings.

This mindset to improve accessibility, shouldn't just be one day a year, it should be embedded in a company's ethos. In this episode we talk with Mike about how the insurance industry has made big improvements to improving access to insurance and we also chat about where things could still be better.

Our 3 key takeaways:

  1. The consumer spending power of the disabled community, the Purple Pound, stands at £249 billion per year!
  2. For years people with disabilities have asked for and many have been denied support to work from home. The coronavirus lockdown has shown that this is possible for many organisation to adapt to employees working from home.
  3. There are roughly 300,000 people per year that need additional medical underwriting for protection insurance. Insurers need to develop ways to adapt their medical underwriting processes, due to the limitations on medical resources that coronavirus is causing.

We hope that you enjoy this episode. Mike has a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to break down barriers, so that people living with disabilities are treated fairly by organisations. We hope that his message of a continued need for equality in these troubling times, is heard by all.

As with all of our episodes, we love your feedback! Please let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for future episodes pop up a message.

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