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Episode 2717th June 2021 • Temporary Fandoms • Temporary Fandoms
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New episode Bagpipe alert.

Somehow we have a really long episode about a band with only two official studio albums. Although one of those albums is very very critically acclaimed. (Though not by all of us)

We've only gone and done NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL.

We discuss, Charlie Sheen vs Emilio Estevez, outsider art, Jeff Mangum and his obsession with Anne Frank, and brass instruments that sound drunk. Also Nick gets very very angry!!

Re-joining Nick and Ewan are Norway's finest stand-up comedian Aaron Troye-White, and the man who gave us the best of our Bowie impressions back in season one, Lael Wageneck.

As there are only a couple of releases, we also take a detour through some of the early EPs and unreleased stuff. And obviously we spend time on their seminal LP In the Aeroplane over the Sea

We discuss the following (some are on Spotify, some are not)

Hype City Soundtrack Youtube

Everything Is

On Avery Island

In The Aeroplane Over The Sea

Ferris Wheel On Fire Youtube

Find out more about Aaron at and

Aaron Troye-White - YouTube/

As usual there's a playlist incorporating the podcast and selected songs

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