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The Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Show - Bob Gentle : AmplifyMe 14th September 2020
What's the one thing people need to know right now?, with Helen Packham
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What's the one thing people need to know right now?, with Helen Packham

Playing bigger as an entrepreneur or as a content creator is a continuous process. Whether it's in your marketing, your business or the impact you're having on an audience.

If you're not growing and challenging yourself then you are not going to move forward. This is as true of learning new tactics and strategies as it is embracing your personal brand challenges and simply showing up on ever bigger stages.

There comes a time when showing up asks more of us and this week my guest is verbal communication and story coach, Helen Packham. Helen helps people show up and play bigger through public speaking, both online and on physical stages and in this episode she's going to walk us through exactly how she does that.

If being a podcast guest, live streaming, being a guest expert or delivering in person or even virtual keynotes leaves you feeling frozen with fear - grab a coffee - chill out and get ready for a breakthrough.


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