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True crime grapple - Dan Kelton EPISODE 29, 18th December 2019
The kidnap and murder of Sarah Payne

The kidnap and murder of Sarah Payne

On 1st July 2000, 8-year-old Sarah Payne disappeared. 17 days later, her significantly decomposed body was found in a field near the sleepy village of Pulborough, West Sussex.

The investigation in its entirety cost around £3 million and eventually, an already convicted paedophile was captured and sentenced to life imprisonment.

Sarah Payne’s murder rattled the nation, especially in the South East of England and immediate vicinity of the crime.. It was something almost unheard of. Much like the horrific child murder case of James Bulger, it affected the way society viewed the safety of their children and as such, gone were the days of the relaxed attitude of letting your young children out to play past the front gate. Gone were those days of freedom during childhood that our parents and grandparents speak about so fondly.

Show researched and written by Hollie Rebecca @hollierebeccauk on Insta

Narrated by Dan Kelton

Music and editing by BaBaBeats

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