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224. From Big Pharma to Natural Wellness and Healing with Dr. Lindsey Elmore #WellnessWednesdays
Episode 22428th December 2022 • Be Well by Kelly Leveque • Kelly Leveque
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Dr. Lindsey Elmore is a former pharmacist, author, speaker, podcaster, and network marketing leader with a knack for cutting through the confusion and sharing the truth about the myriad of health and wellness choices available. She shares her passion for natural wellness on stages around the world and reaches countless others through her lively social media platforms.

We talk about her journey into, and away from, traditional medicine – inspired by her own patient’s journey after tearing her ACL. Leaning into non-traditional practices, she became an expert on the history of both branches of wellness, those defined as “medicine” in 1906, and the expansive natural world of “everything else”.

We dabble all over the spectrum in this one, going from the recorded history of pharmacy and healthcare into more modern issues seen in marketing, dosages, drug pricing, evidence-based research, and so much more.

Dr. Lindsey is a vibrant truth teller, a guest who’s energy and inspiration for the subject matter can be seen, felt, and heard in every word she speaks. We’re so thankful she took the time to educate our community today on so many important, and overlooked, issues.

We also cover…

00:01:47 — Getting to Know Dr. Lindsey Elmore

  •  Her background in biology and chemistry
  • Getting into (and out of) pharmacy work
  • First experience being a patient 
  • Exploring acupuncture and integrative medicine
  • Grappling with the fear of harming her patients 
  • Personal experiences that changed her approach to healing 

00:11:35 — History of Pharmacy & Healthcare 

00:21:02 — Messy Marketing & Messaging

  • Oxycontin crisis and layers of failure 
  • Illegal marketing practices 
  • Huge gap in evidence-based research 
  • What are “me-too” drugs?
  • Lack of oversight on drug pricing
  • Statistical manipulations in drug research

00:29:42 — Myth Busting Drugs & Dosage Ranges

  • Chemical dependency with antidepressants 
  • Tips for starting medications and getting educated on your prescriptions
  • Metformin and weight gain
  • What drives our cortisol response and insulin levels? 
  • The hierarchy of hormones

00:45:44 — Dr. Lindsey on Thyroid Disease and Achieving Wellness

  • Tips for getting full-spectrum lab testing and how to read your lab values
  • Patient education on taking thyroid medication 
  • Daily practices and advice for wellness
  • You deserve to be healthy
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