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How to Find Clients When You're an Introvert
Episode 273rd May 2022 • The Dreamer's Manual • Julie Calcote
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Are you an introvert trying to figure out how to overcome your overwhelming dread of connecting with others to gain visibility for your business? 

It’s terrifying right? 

Every day someone is telling you to put a camera in your face in order to reach your ideal client. Or to hop on all the Zoom calls to find that deeper connection. Or even the dreaded advice to just network on social media…

It all sounds so overwhelming and so far outside of your comfort zone that you just want to run and hide. 

In today's episode, I’m sharing how I’ve overcome my EXTREME introversion to not only gain visibility for my business but also make lifelong connections and friends. (And of course I’m starting with all the things you DON’T have to do to have a successful business… I’m looking at you Reels!)

Listen to the end to hear the Rich AF journal prompts that have helped me re-evaluate my own inner thoughts about what being an introvert means in business.

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