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Unlearn Fake Information with Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu - 020
24th September 2020 • She Will Not Be Silenced with Keisha Shields • Keisha Shields
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So often, the things we hear about ourselves growing up can manifest as our own thoughts and control our voice. This was the experience that today's guest, Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu talks about overcoming in this episode. Dr. Ijeoma is the Associate Director of the MultiCultural Center at Rice University. She is also the Founder and CEO of EVERLEAD®, a leadership coaching and consulting firm and an inspirer of people. 

Let’s dive right into this episode and learn from Dr. Ijeoma how unlearning fake information can help you overcome your imposter syndrome, your silence, and help you find emotional safety. 

[00:01 - 05:58] Opening Segment

  • I introduce and welcome my friend, Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu 
  • Who is Ijeoma?
  • Inspirer, educator and coach 
  • Encouraging people to go for their wildest dreams
  • Working for Rice University in Texas
  • Leadership and Life Coach 
  • Help move past barriers
  • Value self-compassion, diversity, and freedom

[05:59 - 12:33] Value the Human Experience 

  • I talk about being intentional with compassion and understanding 
  • Ijeoma talks about developing good self care habits
  • We take things for granted with our health 
  • I talk about the value of prioritizing wants and needs 
  • Ijeoma talks about operating in quality over quantity with space and time
  • Value people’s lived experiences 
  • Give people 100% of yourself to the people you care about

[12:34 - 26:56] Unlearn the Fake Information

  • Ijeoma talks about valuing conversations with clients of similar experiences 
  • Caring about people’s purpose and talents
  • A lot of people wanting to change careers now 
  • They have the capabilities they just need to get over the fear 
  • Ijeoma shares her experience as a young woman feeling silenced
  • Impacted by the word ‘stupid’ 
  • Shocked and confused leading to feeling stuck 
  • Grew up within the stereotype threats of black women
  • Led to Imposter Syndrome manifesting in undergraduate school 
  • How Ijeoma found her voice again
  • Over time began to heal by being able to put a name to the issue 
  • I talk about my experience with imposter syndrome 
  • Unlearn the fake information 
  • Built up resentment influencing decisions 

[26:57 - 37:57] Being Intentional with Our Children

  • We need to be intentional with our children 
  • Ijeoma talks about her experience raising her children
  • Challenge the norms and help critical thinking 
  • Kids are surrounded by toxic education 
  • Your kids need to feel safe owning their own voice 
  • I talk about dealing with your own truth in tandem with others
  • Am I safe? 
  • Ijeoma shares about how she was as a child 
  • Closeness to children didn’t exist in the household 
  • Manifested a need for closeness and connection 
  • The fears begin to stop women from speaking about themselves and their experience 

[37:58 - 47:56] The Importance of Emotional Safety 

  • Ijeoma talks about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 
  • Self actualization can’t happen without safety 
  • I talk about emotional safety 
  • Ijeoma talks about finding emotional safety in her life 
  • Learned within the safety of marriage to talk things out 
  • Growing in a non-emotional household create issues later on 
  • Came to a point be able to talk out lived experiences 
  • Utilizing curiosity as a coach 
  • The art of asking powerful questions
  • Conversations around asking questions 

[47:57 - 58:11] Closing Segment

  • Continuingly cancelling silence by helping people bring it up in the moment 
  • I talk about my experience in court 
  • Advice to people who need to unsilence themselves and find their purpose
  • Ask yourself how is silence serving you? 
  • Write it out why it’s worth to not be silent 
  • Find a trusted person to talk with 
  • Share your story
  • Your struggle is a gift 
  • How to connect with Ijeoma 
  • Links below
  • Final words from Ijeoma 
  • Closing 

Tweetable Quotes:

"You have all you need to be successful, you just have to tap into it or clear that cloud of anxiety or that cloud of fear and you will see that you already know what you want to do… and you are capable.” - Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu

“Your experiences are not in vain, and once you get out of it you’ll have a story to tell, and your story is not just for you, it’s for other people.” - Dr. Ijeoma Nwaogu

You can connect with Dr. Ijeoma on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Visit her website and listen in to the Thrive IN® Podcast to learn more.

If you’d like to continue the conversation check out the Find Your Voice Course or visit You will now be able to see videos if you check out the Keisha Shields YouTube Channel where I will begin putting up more content for you to see. 

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