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The Global Startup Movement - Startup Ecosystem Leaders, Global Entrepreneurship, and Emerging Market Innovation - Andrew Berkowitz 29th September 2020
Unpacking the Mongolian Startup Ecosystem
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Unpacking the Mongolian Startup Ecosystem

Tsolmondorj Natsagdorj is the Cofounder and CEO of YungBet is a blockchain decentralized social gaming platform that provides a secure, reliable, borderless ecosystem. He was born in Mongolian. and grew up in the US, while a student at George Mason he started Tokenplay, a blockchain gaming distribution platform in 2017 that was acquired within a year for $2.4M. He then traveled back to Ulaandbaatar, Mongolia where he helped to build up the nascent blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem there and now advises multiple Mongolian startups and ecosystem stakeholders.

On this episode you'll learn:

  1. Does the Mongolian consist of mostly expats and foreign tech companies or are there more local entrepreneurs getting traction?
  2. What traditional sectors are the biggest in Mongolia that should be the target of innovators and disruptors?[6:30]
  3. Does Mongolia present a fertile landscape for cryptocurrency and blockchain entrepreneurs?[12:00]