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Making Business Personal: New Research Release with Kiley Peters
Episode 538th March 2023 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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“80% of the women owners that we surveyed said it's extremely important to hire and develop other women in their industry,” shares host Kiley Peters, CEO and founder of RAYNE IX. With the help of friend Susan Baier and her team at Audience Audit, Kiley conducted original research on women small business owners and how they defined success for themselves.

When surveying several hundred female small business owners, the data began to show three distinct segments. These segments are the believers, support seekers, and parody perceivers. Depending on which segment they fall into, some women business owners may not actually fall into the same target audience due to mindset differences. The data showed that age and income were not really a factor and that it truly all came down to mindset. The majority of women defined success as owning their own time or schedule and reported that it is very important to them to support other women in their industries. 

The data from this new research study is compelling and shows the differences in how women and men approach business ownership. Women start businesses because they want flexibility, autonomy, and ownership. It’s not that they don’t care about profit, but it typically is not their number one priority. 


  • “You really need to understand the mindset and the psychological composition of your audience, because it's those things that are really going to matter.” (9:15-9:23 | Kiley)
  • “This is all about flexibility, autonomy, and ownership. That's why women are starting their own businesses.” (10:36-10:43 | Kiley)
  • “70% of respondents believe that there are inherent differences between the way men and women run businesses.” (13:07-13:15 | Kiley)
  • “Small business specifically needs to be personal.” (15:15-15:19 | Kiley)
  • “The number one way that women defined success for themselves was owning their own time or schedule.” (17:58-18:03 | Kiley)
  • “80% of the women owners that we surveyed said it's extremely important or very important to hire and develop other women in their industry.” (19:54-20:03 | Kiley)


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