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7. Saying No To Plan B And Yes To Your Wildest Career Dreams / Beth Caldow's Story [Ridiculously Talented Musician]
7th February 2023 • Unserious Careers • Alana Kilmartin
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Beth Caldow is many things including a ridiculously talented musician (& DJ), teacher (semi-retired) and world traveler. She also happens to be my oldest friend!

In this ep we cover:

  • How losing her brother at high school changed her outlook on life and career.
  • The role music has played through her teenage years and 20s.
  • Break ups
  • What it's like knowing a job isn't for you on the first day...then staying at the company for 5 years.
  • The choice to study marketing and then go back to study teaching.
  • What constantly going after your Plan B's does to your career happiness.
  • Saying yes to a beach lifestyle.
  • The HUGE 2023 plans she has for her music and her big move overseas.

Links to follow Beth and her ridiculously exciting journey:

Book Beth mentions: Light Is The New Black


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