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381 | Be Willing to Suck
Episode 38118th February 2022 • CRAFTED Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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It is time to start thinking about challenging yourself. If you are feeling comfy and secure because of your current level of success, take the leap and learn something new. You’re listening to Mommy Millionaire because you aren’t the same person you were just a year ago. This means you are being intentional about your growth. So take the next step and be willing to suck at something new. You’re going to be bad at something before you are an expert and that’s okay. In this episode, Cayla shares her insight on continuing your growth by being willing to suck.

You will learn:

  • [1:49] - In order to consistently grow and reach new heights for your potential, you must challenge yourself.
  • [2:37] - If you are already really successful, it’s hard to go back to the early stages of something new and challenging.
  • [3:55] - Don’t delete the early posts and videos to show proof of the journey and improvements you’ve made.
  • [5:01] - Everybody sucks in the beginning.
  • [7:08] - Cayla admits some things that she is currently not great at but is willing to get her hands dirty and challenge herself to learn more.
  • [8:10] - Keep going and learning more. You can edit as you go.

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