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Executive Learning REWIRED - Headspring EPISODE 5, 10th January 2020
ELR #003: Building better organisations with Kit Krugman
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ELR #003: Building better organisations with Kit Krugman

Capitalism is shifting beyond the longheld boundaries of shareholder primacy. Declarations like those made by The Business Roundtable have brought the interests of multiple stakeholders - employees, clients, suppliers, communities and the environment - to the fore.

But are businesses ready to make the necessary adaptations to meet the expectations of evolutionary capitalism? And what are the internal hurdles that may block their way?

Kit Krugman is a organisational innovator and champion for purpose-driven business. Her roots in the talent-oriented aspects of company mechanics have given her a unique and provocative view of what we need to do to build better organisations.

Meet our guest: Kit Krugman