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Interview with Audio Producer & Voice Talent, Macha Gruber - Part 1
Episode 5318th November 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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I'm so excited to chat with Macha Grueber. She's done some amazing things in the audio world and I have to tell you - I've been looking forward to hearing her perspective on the current status of the audio branding world. Macha is a professional voice actor and has spent the better part of 15 years in the audio industry, doing everything from voice acting to now being part of the elite creative team at iHeartRadio. This is quite the interview and we had so much fun chatting!

Tune in to hear Macha and I discuss:

  • Macha’s take on COVID-19
  • How helpful having a home studio has been
  • Her first introduction to audio- being part of a pirate radio studio
  • Going to college to be a chiropractic doctor
  • How she transitioned away from chiropractors to being a radio show host
  • Her first take at doing her own audio imaging
  • How making promos led to her going to broadcasting school
  • Transitioning away from being ON air into creating audio imaging 
  • Where imaging for radio came from
  • The background on radio station imaging and how it affects ratings 
  • What’s changed now- length of promos and what promos sound like
  • The places radio shows up now versus 20 years ago
  • Listening to radio stations at home on smart speakers
  • Transition into iHeartRadio
  • Being kicked out after her first internship 
  • Her first gig with Clear Channel
  • The in between time- working in the real world and doing audio imaging on her own
  • Her experience creating demos and doing voice over
  • Trends Macha has seen in commercials- both visual and audio
  • The effects of the millennial craze
  • What makes good audio branding 
  • The impact of writing on a good commercial 
  • How audio recordings happen in the commercial world
  • The importance of theater of the mind for commercials versus a voice over
  • How sound design affects the entire commercial
  • Turn around time for commercials 

If you’d like to get in contact with Macha Gruber, you can find her:

Website: www.

Instagram: or


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