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Slow down to speed up - with Amy Dingman
Episode 16227th March 2023 • Constructive Liberty • Ken Eash
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Slow down to speed up - with Amy Dingman

Ken Eash

Amy Dingman is the host of Farmish Kind of Life podcast and blog.

Main topic of the show: Making a Life Change

Here's a few things we cover in the episode:

  • Transitioning from Stay-at-Home to Part-Time Work
  • Finding a New Path in Life
  • Balancing Work and Life Priorities
  • Working with a Boss
  • Regaining Control of Time
  • The Impact of Taking a Break from Business
  • Social Aspects of Working from Home
  • Finding Peace Through Doing What You Love
  • Career Choices and Labels
  • Finding Identity Beyond Labels

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