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058 : Todd Forster – Taking on Retail Arbitrage Head on – 3rd interview in our Young Gun Series – Where Group think means Success!
7th January 2016 • eCommerce Momentum Podcast • eCommerce Momentum Podcast
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Todd has clearly taken advantage of what he has learned from the Young Gun Group. Don’t let his quiet style fool you, he is studying, plotting and planning to take full advantage of the new learning he has done in his group. He too credits the relationships and the team approach (understand they are still competitive with each other) as taking his business so much further than he could ever think of on his own. I think Todd does a great job explaining why the Mastermind Group works so well. Again, give without expectation! Also he makes a great point that the six of them are experts in different things and that then makes them ALL experts in those other areas since they work together. You get to jump to the front of the line with the help of a strong Mastermind Group!


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“Everyone has their good times and down times, a strong Mastermind group helps you even out those down times!”

“You win some and lose some, it’s all in what you are comfortable buying”



Golden Nuggets:

I stopped shipping mid December and did not get stuck with the inventory I did last year. Look at Premium placement from that point to help get inventory into the warehouses to sell.