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Ethical Race with Rev. Sheree Taylor-Jones & Raushawna Price
Episode 328th June 2020 • The Ethical Evolution Podcast • Ethical Change Agency
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When I recently found myself going down a media rabbit hole surrounding the death of George Floyd during an arrest in the USA and the subsequent global riots, protests and solidarity around the Black Lives Matter movement - I could feel the energy of a generation of pain. I wondered what I could do to help spark a collective change in consciousness that could make us question our beliefs, mindset and bias we unknowingly carry and most of all - wake us up - this is the first step.

Two amazing women came to mind and if you’re a regular listener to The Ethical Evolution Podcast, you would have heard them both previously. Rev Sheree Taylor-Jones and Raushawna Price both live in the USA - on opposite sides of the country, they both experienced growing up black in America and do amazing work in the world when it comes to adult bullying, beliefs, thought patterns and mindset. So it was a bit of a no-brainer that I got these 2 sisters together on our mission of collective change to have the conversation that needs to be had.

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