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Elena Lavezzi discusses growing the world's first truly global bank
Episode 1412th October 2020 • dot innovate • Nathan Anibaba
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Shaping the future - The imperative to evolve your business philosophy

Elena Lavezzi is the Head of southern Europe for Revolut.

She is Leading the growth of Southern Europe at the company. The goal of Revolut, is to become the world’s first truly global bank. 

Revolut is valued at over 5.5 billion, and they are on a mission to create the first fully global financial platform.

She is also a Unicef NextGen Founder and made the list of Forbes 100 Top Women in 2020.

We discuss:

  • Scale-ups - she’s helped grow UBER, Circle and now Revolut, the first global fintech super app. 
  • Seeing UBER grow from 100 people when she joined to 15,000 4 years later
  • Startups vs corporates
  • Her approach to increasing the customer base 
  • Growing Revolut in southern Europe, where they rely more on cash than western Europe
  • We also talk about Revolut’s goal to become the first fully global financial platform
  • Female diversity in tech and finance 
  • We also discuss books, mentors, mistakes and sport

Enjoy the chat. 

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Shaping The Future - The Imperative To Evolve Your Business Philosophy