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800 Episodes Later: The Transformative Power of Podcasting, 800
Episode 8008th September 2023 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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In today's episode of Your Ultimate Life podcast, we celebrate 800 episodes... What if success didn't land at your doorstep overnight? Imagine if it was something you crafted, a masterpiece you worked on tirelessly till it was just right. That's the story Joy and I, your hosts, are here to share with you in our 800th podcast episode. We ruminate on the journey that's gotten us here, the changes in how we've produced the show over the years, and our diligent selection process for guests. We share the grave importance of promoting our guests and our methodical approach in doing so.

We unravel misconceptions about overnight success and divulge the truth: success is a transformation that requires hard work and perseverance. North American and European cultures might sell you the dream of instant change, but we're here to tell you that there's no shortcut to creating a life of purpose, prosperity, and joy. The struggles you've faced and challenges you've overcome are the secret ingredient to your success.

As we navigate the process of creating audio and video content for podcasts, we share a hilarious anecdote about my grandmother's cellar and a water pump. Our views on money and how they've influenced our work is something we delve into. We discuss how our production fee's evolution over the years has affected the value of our podcast and why it is a testament to the hard work that underpins any transformation. So, tune in, as we affirm the importance of dedication and resilience in achieving our goals. It's time to embark on your transformative journey. Let's start crafting your masterpiece.


(00:00:03) - Becoming a Podcast Guest (8 Minutes)

My wife and business partner Joy and I celebrate our 800th episode. We discuss what it took to get to this milestone and how we have changed the way we produce the podcast over the years. We also talk about our process for selecting guests, including the Google Sheet that we ask potential guests to fill out. Finally, we discuss the importance of promoting our guests and the details we need to do this effectively.

(00:07:44) - Transformation and Hard Work for Success (10 Minutes)

We talk about the hard work and effort it takes to transform your life, and how this is often at odds with the North American and European lifestyle. We emphasize how people are sometimes misled into believing they can achieve transformation overnight by buying products or services, which is simply false. We stress the importance of doing the hard work to create your own ultimate life of purpose, prosperity, and joy - and how the difficult things you've been through are the magic sauce that will help you to do so.

(00:18:07) - Creating Audio & Video for Podcasts (13 Minutes)

We explore how our stories about money can impact our behavior, beliefs, and capabilities. We value our own work and how this relates to the North American and European ideas of the 'American Dream'. We share a funny story about my grandmother's cellar and a water pump that scared me to go down there as a kid. We explain how our production fee has changed over the years from $97 to $147 and how this has impacted the value of our podcast. Finally, we emphasize the hard work it takes to transform our lives and achieve our ultimate goals.

(00:31:16) - Gratitude for Listeners, Commitment to Helping (1 Minutes)

Today, we examine how to construct the life of your dreams and the commitment it requires to make it a reality. We examine the instruments, procedures, stories, and motivation needed to transform your life, and how this often clashes with North American and European culture. Additionally, we investigate how our stories about money can shape our behavior, convictions, and abilities. Lastly, we emphasize the significance of valuing your own work for forming your ideal life.



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