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Episode 6: Accessibility Assessment Squad w/ Jen Kretchmer
Episode 62nd March 2021 • All Bark No Dice • The Fandomentals
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This week we're talking with another contributor to Candlekeep Mysteries, Jen Kretchmer, who is perhaps best known for her work on shows like Monsters & Fables, Silver & Steel, as well as her advocacy for accessibility in the tabletop hobby. We have a very frank discussion about the need for disability advocacy in D&D and other games, as well as the ways that players and DM's can help make their games more representative and understanding. Jen also gets into some of her inspirations as a storyteller and explains why tabletop streaming seems to have found a home in the entertainment industry.

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Accessibility In Tabletop Resources

0:00 - Interview Start

11:30 - D&D As Performance

29:35 - Accessibility In D&D and Beyond

51:25 - Writing "The Canopic Being" For Candlekeep Mysteries

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